The Queens Chair

If you’re out walking on The Roaches on the Staffordshire side of the Peak District and you fancy a sit down, you couldn’t go far wrong by stopping for a rest at The Queen Chair! This is a seat with a fabulous view!  It’s carved out of the gritstone on the edge of a cliff, and above the seat is a plaque declaring that the Prince and Princess of Teck visited the site on Aug 23rd 1872.  Apparently Sir Phillip Brocklehurst of Swythamley, a wealthy local landowner invited the royal pair. The Prince was a minor German aristocrat and the Princess … Continue reading The Queens Chair

If you can get to the Peak District on 13 April, please do take part in one of these fabulous walks and help to support The Friends of the Peak District – a very worthwhile charity that we at Peak Walking Adventures actively support. We hope to see you there on the day! Continue reading