Hugging trees and the site of a murder!

20/1/21 During this lockdown, I’ve yet again been exploring my local area of Wirksworth, Derbyshire just outside the Peak District National Park. I am learning so much about the area and each walk reveals another interesting tale or unusual artefact or feature. Today was no exception and after a steep climb out of Wirksworth in the direction of the Derwent valley, I walked past a rather fine but isolated hall known as Wigwell Grange. The Grange has quite a history and was once the scene of a brutal murder. George Victor Townley murdered 22 year old Elizabeth ( Betsy or … Continue reading Hugging trees and the site of a murder!

Companion Stones of the Peak District

12th December 2020 From time to time on our guided walks we come across various stones or similar objects inscribed with poetry or phrases to read and reflect. The messages are very thought provoking and fit beautifully into the surrounding landscape. The stones can be found dotted around the millstone edges area of the Peak District and have been created by local artists. They were produced in response to the ancient Guide Stoops that helped travellers navigate their way across the moorlands. The words on the stones hold directions to guide us in the future and the tricky environmental terrain … Continue reading Companion Stones of the Peak District

The Boxing Gloves

All around the top edge of Kinder Scout there are fascinating gritstone rock formations. On our walk today along the northern edge of the mountain, we passed these.  They are known as ‘The Boxing Gloves’.  If you use your imagination a little, you can see a face with gloved, raised hands up in front of it. Whether you think they look like a man with boxing gloves on or not, it’s a really beautiful place! Continue reading The Boxing Gloves

Harry Hut on Chunal Moor

Chunal Moor is a beautiful area of high, heather covered moorland in the Dark Peak with paths leading onto it from two points on the A624 between Hayfield and Glossop, and from Mill Hill. Upon studying the Ordnance Survey map, you will see the highest point on the moor is named Harry Hut. So who was Harry and where is his hut? Well, it appears that no-one knows! There is certainly no hut there now, but there are a few loose rocks around the trig point, so maybe Harry did build some kind of shelter there many years ago. What … Continue reading Harry Hut on Chunal Moor

The Sleeping Dragon

Our walk yesterday took us over five small hills in the area of the upper Dove valley, one of which was Chrome Hill.  From my photo, it’s easy to see why is it known locally as ‘The Sleeping Dragon’. The classic walk over Chrome Hill is to ‘walk the dragon’s back’ which is exactly what we did.  Stunning views can be enjoyed from the ridge back up the valley towards the moorlands of the Dark Peak to the north, and looking south down the Dove Valley over White Peak countryside towards Parkhouse Hill, Hitter Hill, and High Wheeldon. You can … Continue reading The Sleeping Dragon