Spring must be here!

We saw our first lapwings and curlew of the year today on our walk starting in the Vale of Edale.  These beautiful birds tend to spend the winter in coastal areas, moving inland to breed in the spring.  We also saw our first lambs of the year – only a few days old I would guess!    Continue reading Spring must be here!

Grouse about the snow

View Full Album While many people have been grousing about the snow which has lingered for many weeks in the Peak District, last Sunday we were up on Derwent Edge watching the grouse make their way about in the snow!  (Red Grouse to be precise)   There are estimated to be over 5,000 breading pairs of Red Grouse in the Peak District, so it is not unusual see see them on our moorland walks.  The males can be instantly recognised by their distinctive red ‘eyebrows’.    It really was a great day to be out walking, with brilliant sunshine, fantastic … Continue reading Grouse about the snow