Spring Flowers in Deepdale



Yesterday was our first ‘Spring Flowers’ walk of the year and what a treat we had in Deepdale and Great Shacklow Wood!

Deepdale is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the rich variety of flora that thrive in its limestone soils.  It is owned and managed by the charity Plantlife International.  There are said to be over a million Cowslips in the dale.  We didn’t count them yesterday!  Having seen the carpet of delicate yellow flowers up the side of the valley though, I can well believe it.

Early Purple Orchids were also out, and other pretty flowers such as Meadow Saxifrage, Greater Stitchwort, Speedwell, Wild Clary and Water Avens.  Returning through Great Shacklow wood we saw Bluebells, Wood Anemones, and just coming into flower were Lords and Ladies.   

What a wonderful afternoon!

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