Devil’s Matchsticks

Quite a common site on the high moorlands of the Dark Peak, but maybe not everyone knows what they are? These are commonly known Devil’s Matchsticks. Like all lichens, the Devil’s matchstick is actually two organisms working together: a fungus and an algae in a symbiotic relationship. The red tips are the fruiting bodies of the fungal component of the lichen. Have a look for them next time you are walking across the Peak District’s peat covered moorlands. Continue reading Devil’s Matchsticks

Fun with environmental learning in the Peak District

I have recently got back from the Mountain Training Association national conference which this year was in the Peak District. During the weekend there were a range of workshops to choose from and I was drawn towards the ‘Environmental Learning Made Easy’ session which was delivered by Jim Langley of Nature’s Work. This proved to be an excellent choice – which is why I want to share my experiences with you in my Countryside Blog. The workshop was aimed at introducing Learning Cards to help children to learn through outdoor activities. The fact that all of us who completed the … Continue reading Fun with environmental learning in the Peak District

Fantastic Fungi

At this time of year, walk into any woodland in the Peak District and you are likely to find a wide variety of fungi.  Here are a few of the specimens that we found today amongst the trees and grassland on the side of Woodlands Valley near to Ladybower Reservoir. We have attempted to identify some of the fungi, but if there are any experts out there who could help us by identifying, clarifying, or verifying, your comments would be most welcome!  Continue reading Fantastic Fungi