Meadow Saxifrage 1

Meadow Saxifrage

If you’re out walking in the area of the Peak District known as The White Peak at this time of year (May/June) look out for the pretty white flowers of Meadow Saxifrage.  This plant loves the dry limestone soils of the area and can be seen growing in many of the limestone dales and on the slopes of the surrounding hills.

These photos were taken near Winnats Pass, Castleton.


Meadow Saxifrage in The White Peak

Meadow Saxifrage

Meadow Saxifrage

The White Peak area of the Peak District is fully of beautiful wild flowers at present.  Meadow Saxifrage is just one of many different types of plants that love the limestone soils of this area.

It’s Latin name is Saxifraga granulata and that is linked to its use in years gone by as a medicinal plant.  Granulata means ‘with grain’, while Saxifraga means ‘rock-breaker’.   Going back in history, it was believed that it had the power to break up gall stones and kidney stones.