The Eagle Stone and an interesting local custom

Our Four Gritstone Edges guided walk yesterday took us past The Eagle Stone which is set back on the moorland just a short distance from Baslow Edge.  It is a huge tower of Gritstone with an interesting local custom attached to it. The age old custom is that before they are allowed to marry, the young men of Baslow have to prove their manliness and fitness for marriage by climbing onto the top of this huge stone.  There is no easy way up because some of the higher parts of the stone overhang the lower parts.  The village has always had its fair share of weddings though, so plenty must … Continue reading The Eagle Stone and an interesting local custom

The village stocks

As you can see, we had a bit of fun recently on one of our group guided walks!  The village of Litton is one of several in the Peak District that has retained its village stocks.  Whilst there was great hilarity over our antics on the recent walk, in years gone by the stocks were a serious form of punishment.  The types of crime that might result in a day or two in the stocks included:  swearing; drinking in the pub during the hours of a church service; gambling on a Sunday; or even refusing to help out with the harvest.  … Continue reading The village stocks

Well Dressings

View Full Album During the summer months, many Derbyshire villages produce well dressings.  This centuries old tradition involves making colourful plaques decorated with flower petals and other items from nature to make pictures.  They are placed at the sources of fresh water such as wells and springs throughout the village.   These pictures are a selection of well dressings in Ashford-in-the-Water and in Wirksworth and were taken on our guided walks on 30th and 31st May.      Continue reading Well Dressings