Rime ice on the rushes

On a very cold walk along Stanage Edge today, I marvelled at the rime ice that had formed on the rushes and other vegetation.

Rime ice is the white curst that builds up on the windward side of objects in exposed areas, thereby showing the direction that the wind has been blowing in.


Sunset behind Mam Tor in the west

Sunset and The Belt of Venus

On Saturday towards the end of our walk we were treated to the sight of the most amazing sunset.  What’s more, in the opposite direction to the sunset there was also fabulous pink glow in the sky.  This pink glow is known as The Belt of Venus.  It can be seen occasionally at sunset and is the light of the sunset in the west being reflected off the atmosphere some 50 or 100 miles to the east of you.

The two photos below were both taken within minutes of each other as we walked down Lose Hill towards the village of Hope in the Peak District.  To the west was the wonderful sunset behind Mam Tor.  To the east was the pink glow behind Win Hill.