Mountain hares getting their summer coats

We saw a group of five mountain hares on our walk today on the northern edge of Kinder Scout.  They are starting to lose their white winter coats now and returning to their summer brown colour which will make them a little more difficult to spot in future.   Continue reading Mountain hares getting their summer coats

White Stoat on Beeley Moor

Stoats are widely distributed throughout rural Derbyshire.  They are a small mammal with a sausage-shaped body and short legs, and are usually coloured gingery brown.  On our walk today the stoat we saw moving amongst the heather on the edge of the moorland was pure white with just a black tip to its tail.  Stoats in upland areas do sometimes turn white during the winter to camouflage themselves against the snow.  This little creature had been left highly conspicuous as the moorland snow in this area has now melted.  Unfortunately it was camera shy so we didn’t manage to get … Continue reading White Stoat on Beeley Moor