Red Deer

Deer in Chatsworth Park

On a brief stroll though the northern end of Chatsworth Park this morning I was treated to a wonderful view of the deer.  A lone Fallow Deer caught my attention first, wandering amongst the sheep.  Then not far away I spotted a … Continue reading Deer in Chatsworth Park

Easter Snow in the Peak District

On our Stanage & Bamford Edges guided walk today we enjoyed some stunning views of Stanage Edge, Bamford Edge, and the surrounding hills and moorlands in the snow.  I don’t think any of us expected to be walking in snow over Easter but we had a really enjoyable day. Our Stanage & Bamford Edges walk is great without snow too!  Why not give it a try? Continue reading Easter Snow in the Peak District

Grouse about the snow

View Full Album While many people have been grousing about the snow which has lingered for many weeks in the Peak District, last Sunday we were up on Derwent Edge watching the grouse make their way about in the snow!  (Red Grouse to be precise)   There are estimated to be over 5,000 breading pairs of Red Grouse in the Peak District, so it is not unusual see see them on our moorland walks.  The males can be instantly recognised by their distinctive red ‘eyebrows’.    It really was a great day to be out walking, with brilliant sunshine, fantastic … Continue reading Grouse about the snow