Southern edge of Kinder Scout

A dusting of snow on Kinder Scout

This weekend was our last guided walk before Christmas and it turned out to me my favorite walk of the year so far!

We walked from Nether Booth in the Vale of Edale up onto the southern and eastern edges of Kinder Scout.  Being the highest mountain in the Peak District, it was a bit colder up there than the surrounding hills and it appeared to be the only hill with a fine dusting of snow.  Combined with blue sky and brilliant sunshine, this resulted in some stunning views!

Our next guided walk on Kinder Scout is on 17 March 2013 which might seem a long way ahead, but we are taking bookings now!

Details of our open group guided walks, including Kinder Scout can be found at

Southern edge of Kinder ScoutSouthern Edge of Kinder ScoutGrindslow KnollGritstone rocks in the snwoSouthern edge of Kinder ScoutKiinder Scout 1 Dec 2012 022

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