Three types of heather on the moors

This morning our ‘Nature Walk’ took us onto the Peak District moorland along Burbage Edge and across the beautiful Burbage Basin.

It is a wonderful time to be walking on the moors as the heather is just beginning to come into flower.  It will be a few weeks yet however before it is at its best.

There are three types of heather in the Peak District.  Ling Heather is by far the most common and it is the Ling Heather that gives the impression of our hills and moorlands being carpeted in purple.  Less common is the Bell Heather which has slightly larger flowers with a slightly plumby tone to them.  Least common of all is the Cross Leaved Heather with its pretty pink flowers.  This heather likes wet places and tends to grow in boggy areas of the moorland.

3 thoughts on “Three types of heather on the moors

  1. If I have one weak spot after 40 years of walking, it’s our flora, and when I’ve been on the moors I didn’t realise about the different heathers.

    Next time I will no a bit more ~ thank you.

  2. I didn’t realist there were three different types of heather; I just thought ling was a dialect word for heather generally.

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