Dew Ponds of the White Peak

Dew ponds are a familiar sight to anyone who walks regularly in the White Peak area of the Peak District.  They were originally formed to provide a water source to farm animals in areas where water was not present naturally.  It is believed that they took their name, not from the fact that they collected the dew, but from a Victorian pond maker called Mr Dew.

During the 70s and early 80s it is possible that as many as 50% of our dew ponds were lost due to infills and neglect.  Dew ponds are important habitats for wildlife.  In particular the great crested newt which is a protected species.  They are also home to a wide variety of beetles and bugs.

Over the last few years many dew ponds have been restored as part of the Peak District bio-diversity action plan to encourage wildlife and provide breeding grounds for the great crested newts.  The pond featured here is one of two near to the path through the western end of Lathkill Dale.

Dew pond in Lathkill Dale

Dew pond in Lathkill Dale


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