Crook Hill from Bamford Edge

The twin summits of Crook Hill

One of the most distinctive hills in the Peak District with its twin summits, Crook Hill is surrounded on three sides by Ladybower Reservoir and is easily visible from the A57 road.  The highest of the summits stands at 382 meters above sea level with the slightly lower one nearer to the farm being 374 meters.

The area surrounding the summits is Access Land and is easily accessible via the bridle path that rises up the hillside from the road on the side of the reservoir and passes Crook Hill Farm

There is the remains of an ancient megalithic stone circle between the summits, but only two of the five original stones remain standing.

A short detour off the main path to visit these two summits makes an interesting addition to our guided walks in the hills surrounding Ladybower Reservoir.  See   or the next available dates of this walk.

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