Ruins of Errwood Hall

The ruins of Errwood Hall

A walk in the hills and woodland around beautiful Errwood Reservoir in the Peak District wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the ruins of Errwood Hall.

Once a very grand building, the hall dates back to the 1830’s and was built for Samuel Grimshawe, a wealth Manchester businessman.  It was surrounded by a thriving estate and occupied by Samuel’s family for almost a hundred years.  Following the death of the last members of the family line, the building was used as a hostel for ramblers for a short while but then in the 1930’s when work began on constructing Errwood Reservoir the hall was dismantled and much of the stone was used construct the new water treatment works.

It now occupies a tranquil location near to the bottom of Shooter’s Clough just a little way up the wooded hillside from the side of the reservoir.

We visit the ruins of Errwood Hall occasionally on our Peak District guided walks.

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