Salt Cellar Boulder

The magnificent Salt Cellar Boulder stands on Derwent Edge, high above Ladybower Reservoir.  It is one of the many points of interest on our ‘Derwent Edge and Hills around Ladybower‘ guided walk.

It is gritstone and part of the long ridge of stone known by geologists as The Chatsworth Grit that runs down the east side of the Peak District.  Stanage Edge, Millstone Edge, and Curbar Edge are all the same type of stone.

The stone was formed around 320 million years ago when the area was in a huge river delta.  The grit was washed down the river from mountains further north and deposited in a wide area.  Sometimes there would be layers deposited containing mud which would form softer rock.  As it has become exposed to the elements in later years, these softer deposits have eroded, so the layers can be clearly seen in the rock.

Salt Cellar Boulder is so called because many people feel it’s shape resembles a salt pot.

Our next Derwent Edge and Hills around Ladybower open group walk which passes Salt Cellar Boulder  is one Sunday 7 April 2013 and bookings are now being taken.  Alternatively you can enjoy this guided walk on a date to suit yourself by hiring a personal walking guide.

Salt Cellar Boulder
Salt Cellar Boulder

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